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Be different from the list of your compatitor and make your unique identity on the globe by creating your online wesite store.

NATShop is highly customizable web portal for business who wants to grow up with modern technology, effective planning and management. NATShop is product with international quality standards and functionalities that boost your sale and cover the maximum customers on the globe.

NATShop is designed to help you build a robust online store with high automation and intelligence. You will find user interface is very friendly and straight forward with advance tools so users enjoy all comfort while working with NATShop.

You will get all necessary modern features for your web portal in NATShop with high quality standards that help users to be more personalized and make attention of them. You will get all necessary reports for optimum decision making.

NATShop has two running editions NATShop Catalog, NATShop B2C (Business 2 Customer) and NATShop B2B (Business 2 Business). All running editions have three flavours Basic, Professional and Ultimate, so you can get your website with best of your need.

NATShop Catalog

This edition is specifically customized with primary objective of marketing and introduces your products to the customers. NATShop can help you to present your catalogue with unlimited product specifications and describe features of products in effective manner. You will have all statistical figures about your products and demand in the market. NATShop Catalog is developed to deal with business like Restaurants, clothes shop, Jewellers shop, auto-mobile shop, Gift-shop, Retailers, Bookshop, Foot wear, Tyre shop and others who only want to show and market their products on web. However NATShop Catalog customers can also upgrade and move to NATShop B2C and other editions.


NATShop B2C is perfect for those who want to start to sell their products online. This Product helps you to manage entire business online and you can access all reports of customers, orders, inventory, and payments. You will feel all comfort with managing your business through admin panel. NATShop B2C comes with advance modules like Inventory, order processing, Payment Gateways, Shipments and others. Here you will get dashboard with vast report collections so you can analysis your business with accurate figures.

NATShop B2C is best fit to clothes stores, auto mobile Showrooms, gift shops, electronic device shops, restaurants, beauty product shop and more.


NATShop B2B is fully customizable with demand of the customer and you will have all flavours of NATShop Catalog and NatShop B2C. NATShop B2B is designed especially for manufacturing units and production houses. By keeping this Product you can optimize all resources with accurate information on time that helps you for strategic planning and decision making process.

Awesome Features

We ensure quality & support. People love us & we love them. The most awesome features that include everything you need to sell online
We guaranty that you will not miss any information that you like to keep with your product. NatShop gives all resources to set your products information in the system.
Unlimited Specification

You are free to create new specifications and specification Group for product and organize them according to your need. NatShop give you an extra functionality that your specification can be bound with products category, so it is auto involve while inserting products.

Multiple Images

For each product you can set multiple images and also manage their order. You can insert GIF, JPG, PNG and other formats of images.

Multiple Variations

You can set multiple variations of products based on colour and size and also able to manage different images and price and stock according to product variations.

Multiple Prices

You can have multiple prices for product with variations of quantity and units.

Associated Products

You can associate other products that will be shown as related to product to visitors.

Inclusive Products

You can specify other products as inclusive products.( Products those are included in main products).

Product Discounts

Discount module gives you freedom to set discounts on products, Brands, Categories. You can set multiple criteria for the discount applicable based on prices and quantities. You can also deliver discount in percentage and fixe value discount.


Dashboard built as control unit of entire web portal where you can see all important information on single front. You will get all recent orders with current status, sales, Inventory, Usage of websites, Customers, and many more with all charts and graphs. Dashboard helps you to track your business and improve your business process. It gives you all figures to make certain strategic levels of decisions.

Responsive Design

You will test all new features of latest technology like HTML5, CSS and JQuery with AJAX in design template. You will get your entire website with highly responsive design template so that user can access your web on mobiles, tablet and desktop. We have vast collection of design template developed in modern technology.


Filters are soul of Modern Catalog page where user can filter products based on filter options. NATShop have powerful and robust features to make all filter dynamic and based on products specifications. You can also enable some more specific filters like price slider, Brands, Offers, Stock Availability and etc.

Smart Import/Export

NATShop have powerful facility for import and export products, Brands, Categories, Product Specification, Images on single click. You can upload images up to 3 GB on single attempt.

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NATShop Catalog



₹ 64,199
Setup cost 46,499
Yearly Charge 18,000
₹ 59,499*


₹ 79,599
Setup cost 59,599
Yearly Charge 20,000
₹ 74,599*



₹ 63,399
Setup cost 43,399
Yearly Charge 20,000
₹ 60,399*



₹ 1,79,999
Setup cost 1,39,999
Yearly Charge 40,000
₹ 1,69,999*
*Offer apply only up till 30th JUN,2020 - T&C Apply

Success stories from our clients

  • Your business online is about more than just a website. Using Business Catalyst, we focus on Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimization to maximize returns.

    Pranav Patel

  • I have my own store for Beauty Hair Sallon, having multiple branded prodcuts of beauty . I have just simply put it on online by NATShop. NATShop is the most efficient, cost-effective way to selling products on internet.

    Hemal Bhavsar

  • I think changes is the rule of life and I do it by make my online store from NATShop. I feel unique from other jewellers shop.I would suggest to others to go online in the ditigal world.

    Sanjay Parekh

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